Anyone used Sprint’s R850 mobile hotspot?

So my house-mate qualified for Sprint’s mobile hotspot service on the Franklin R850. I will be sharing the home internet service with him. Have any of you used this particular device for home internet?

One thing confused me - I downloaded the user manual and it says “After charging, disconnect the device from the charger.” Somehow I had expected to leave it plugged in the entire time so it would always be “ready”. Do you guys leave the R850 plugged in or disconnected?

If it is supposed to be disconnected after it is fully charged, won’t it need to be watched constantly so that the battery won’t die in the middle of browsing? Seems quite inconvenient, especially for a home-internet device.

Any other insights, suggestions, experiences with the R850 much appreciated! Thank you much.

I used a Franklin R850 when I was with 4g Community. I left it plugged in all the time with no problem.

That's just standard legal clause in case your unit burns up. :slight_smile:
Does this unit run on USB power without the battery installed?

It's been awhile since I used it but I feel sure that I was using it without the battery installed.