Anyone use simplisafe or ring for security?

Thoughts on which is better other than cost? Or any alternatives you'd recommend.

Background: We've used Simplisafe for 5+ years. Had the basic monitoring. Upgraded last December to the premium monitoring, which allows control via the app. We still have Simplisafe first generation hardware.

Review:Hardware is old. Gen 2 has been available for nearly 2 years, & they're charging too much for us to upgrade. Using gen 1 hardware means that some features are not available in the app. Sucks.

Gen 2 hardware pricing: Seems a little higher than other systems, but not much more. (Ring, Nest, etc.)

Monitoring: Optional. Monthly cost is $0 if you go without monitoring. Pricing for monitoring: Seems a little higher than other systems, but not much more. (Ring, Nest, etc.)

Pros: The system by default will connect to a cell tower. T-Mo here. I hear that if connectivity is really bad, they can send a Verizon system. The connection is only for monitoring, not for voice.

Cons: Gen 1 has no WiFi capabilities. This means that when I use the app to check status, arm, disarm, the app is going through the Internet then back down to my Simplisafe system via it's T-Mo connection. Maybe Gen 2 has WiFi - I don't know.

Most of the other DIY systems have WiFi. The The Kangaroo security system, e.g., is WiFi only by default, even for monitoring. I haven't looked closely, but I think it does not even a have cellular option. So if your WiFi goes down, then your monitoring dies. But it's slightly cheaper on hardware, & way cheaper on service - because they don't have to pay for cell service.

Is the response time for alarms decent? I imagine you've had a few in 5 years.

I get good tmobile service at my house so that is a plus. Att not so good which has me leaning towards simplisafe vs ring. Ring pricing is tempting though and att service is probably good enough.

Response time for the people at the monitoring centers to call me has been very good & consistent. That part is well thought out, probably a similar process to the long-established companies such as ADT.