Anyone here with Red Pocket CDMA(V)?

Anyone here have Red Pocket on CDMA(V) network?
Do you use your voicemail?
When you call in to get messages from your phone that is on RP does autoplay work (if you have it enabled - the default is on)? ie - you don't have to enter your VM password/pin to get VM?

Mine asks for a pin. I don't hear an option to remove it. But I have visual voicemail so I never call in.

It (autoplay - not needing to enter PIN when calling from phone) is supposed to be enabled by default but the option to turn on / off is under 4-personal options-> 2-admin. options-> 1-general options-> 6-autoplay on/off
Makes no difference whether on or off, always wants PIN. Autoplay works fine on Page Plus (& at&t) with this phone.

Re vvm, do you get transcriptions? She doesn't want to use her very limited data for vvm but if transcription was there she may tip in favor of using it.
The "stock" VZW vvm just sends a VM audio packet, no transcription.
Maybe you are using another vvm than stock VZW one?

Yes I tried every rp carrier. Landed on Verizon cdma

If no vvm you need a pin (pain)

Only vvm they recommend is You mail. I grew to love it.

Free version gives you 10 transcripts per month. You can pay $5 per month for all the time transcripts.
After the free 10 transcripts. Just push play to hear message

Otherwise it is free and setup is easy and through you mail app.
You mail works via WiFi/data.

One thing I have not had the time to figure out. Is a second notification comes via email with a copy of the message. Not sure how to turn that off.

Well, vvm is turned off / not enablef yet autoplay does not work as it should.