Anybody here have a 'retired' Obi box or other ATA?

Recently there was a nearby lightning strike & it zapped our UPS, DSL modem & Obi box.
Since then we've been using the GV number via the GV app & via forwarding to VOIP.MS...but=>
We truly miss having the cordless POTS phone connectivity.
Obviously replacing the Obi200 with another would be the best option, but they have become rare & very pricey - like the used Obi100 I just saw for $50 !!

It would be easy enough to use a different ATA to replace this, so I ask:
Is there anyone here who has an ATA which is just sitting around & could use a new home ??

Checking on fleabay revealed loads of ATAs - but I've no idea which will be the best choice when so many of them are locked to vonage or verizon.

Thanks for reading.

I'm sorry to say I do not have a spare ATA to offer.

What are you using with There are no ATAs other than OBis capable of provisioning consumer Google Voice.

Grandstream's HT801 is a good reasonably inexpensive option. It's a single port, single service provider box, that would work with but there's no way to directly provision GV.

You could probably source an OBi 300 or 302 for less then an OBi200 or 202. OBi 300 series devices do not work with the OBiTalk provisioning portal but there is a method of manual provisioning GV with instructions provided privately by a member of DSLR's VoIP forums. It does require a willingness to install alternative firmware on the OBi and use command line tools but I've successfully played with it.

Even if you successfully sourced an OBi 200 series device, at this point, I don't believe it's possible to add one to the OBiTalk portal. You would need to use the same manual method as with OBi 300 series devices.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply Rolandh.

Presently all calls are being handled via Android, with the 'old' GV line forwarded to VOIP.MS.

Our time of GV + Obi is finished for good given that no new Obi200 can be added anymore via their portal.

I looked for a Grandstream HT801 & if one comes up at an attractive price which is NOT locked to vonage or verizon I may grab that model.

As to using an Obi3xx - if it is nicely priced I may consider it - as the wiki at VOIP.MS does give directions for that model.
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Best of all will be to get a used & inexpensive ATA which has setup directions at VOIP.MS .

Thanks Again !!