Any thoughts on CricketWireless?

CricketWireless was not on my radar because of their 3Mbps AND deprioritization BUT recently they came up with a newer version of their plan that increases the speed to 8Mbps (deprioritization remains).

Now that should be more manageable for Zoom meetings.

Coupled with their CricketGroups, the unlimited Core plan essentially costs $25/line unless I am missing something!

So here I am - wondering, what am I missing with the great value at CricketWireless?

Do they have some extremely terrible deprioritization or something I am missing at this price?

How has your experience being or if you are yet to use them, what is holding you back?

I don't think it includes any hotspot data, but that's easily overcome with an app like PdaNet+.

Fair point. As you rightly mentioned, hotspot feature is not an issue for anyone of us here. Be it a DIY $70 MOFI (most expensive) or a rooted Android (sometimes $0) or the likes of PdaNet solves that issue very nicely.

The only time I have ever paid to have a hotspot feature on a plan is when it came with the plan at "no additional cost" like TMo business lines or Visible etc.

Is the lack of hotspot feature it?

Then $25/mo on ATT via CricketWireless is a great deal TBH.

I am confused why CricketWireless does not allow using ATT SIMs though.

The Cricket SIMs are $10 ish while ATT SIMs can be had for real cheap. $10 for one SIM is not a problem but I will have to order hundreds. Time to hit eBay up.