Any or No CN News?

Frankly I haven't bothered even to power up the phone with the CN app on it lately.

Just wondering IF anything new has come 'round from this, or not.


Depends on your definition of "new".
The app format and layout hasn't changed, and no significant new content on the website.
Transfers seem to be going through. Some go through simply by using the app-- expect 2-3 days for it to conclude.
Some requests are only going through after multiple contacts with CN Support.
There was an announcement that they would only permit 1 transfer request per month, maximum of $50, as a temporary limit, with a review of that policy mid-January.

In past 2 days I get 0 silver playing "more life fitness" video.
Can that be considered as NEWS?

survey swipe left. No pay

Thanks for replying to my query folks !!

So - in other words:
No really great improvements & no payments to Amazon yet either.

SSDD !?!

Remember when posters here said that cellnuvo would not pay out one dollar?

That would a lie

If you say it it might be a lie, but it is true when I say it.

They were speaking generally

Not your specific case

I do see improvements. The last two $10 top-ups I did for my Red Pocket lines last week went through without me contacting CN support to beg. It took 48 hours to go though, not 24, but I can live with that. At least CN is currently allowing gold redemptions.

The issue I am having is with Red Pocket that their dash board wouldn't show the stacked credits so I have to chat with them every time to confirm CN payments.

Well, we are now in mid Jan... would be interesting to hear back on experience of any redemption initiated today or tomorrow.

So they allowed more then 1?

Mine used to be stacked but now show a separate last expiration date. So maybe they are in the process of updating that feature for all?

Don't know. Mine was for 2 separate lines.

3 weeks ago, my Red Pocket dashboard showed both current-cycle end date, and final expiration date-- which were the same for me, since I did not have more than 1 cycle paid.
Starting last week, my RP dashboard no longer displays the 'final expiration'/extended expiration date. I don't know if that will change if I make another payment before the cycle ends.

I hope they get weary of asking for assurance of the 'invisible' stacked credits, and make it visible for everyone!

I redeemed twice $10 this month. Both took 24-48 hours, not under 24.

I wish they can go to separate RedPocket lines but it never happens, just always went to my original Cellnuvo number regardless what I input in purchase menu. I've contacted Cellnuvo support multiple times for that but no change.
Now I gave up, just bought $100/year PIN from ebay for my 2nd redpocket line.

Ok I guess that 1 a month rule is over? Good

Do you have a link to the ebay deal

aahhh-- you are an enigma. I think you've had more easy/quick transfers than anyone else, but can't get one directed where you want it to go.

100min/100sms/500MB/month: normally $60/year, right now $55

500min/500sms/500MB/month: normally $99/year, but I bought it with $15 off $75 coupon so $84 total.
coupon is available from time to time, but not right now.

Is that for GSM also?

ebay PIN/Kit works with any 4 of Redpocket.