Any FP news ? And

Howdy Folks.
I just ran across something reminding me that its been months since hearing anything about FP.
Does anyone have any recent info to share about it ??

Also - somehow or other I ended up with one of their 'global SIM' packs, as yet unused - don't even remember how I got it, maybe whenever it was .99 or clue.

Anyhow - does anyone know:
Is that likely to be in any way useful or even usable after sitting around unopened for a very long time ??

No. FreedomPop cut ties with Three UK a while ago. They mostly moved everyone on the Global SIM to their AT&T based service. I actually kept one around at a cost of $5/month but that lasted only about six more months.

Thanks for replying !!
I take it that FP via AT&T is a dead subject then - and so most likely the SIM is also 100% useless to keep around ??

It's been fun...

When I think of FP 'fun' is not what comes to mind for me...

No idea what may have become of FP by now & not really inclined to look there either.
It now looks like the freebie side of cellular offerings has pretty much gone the way of the dodo;
Very sad that it has been more cutesy than useful in most instances - surely that was the way with FP, it was cute - but useless (at least in our area).
Sure, I know there were plenty of folks who got great use out of it - but I never got to make even a single successful voice call with it.

TextNow is yet another cutesy thing which I actually still get a little use out of - over wifi & having to tolerate all the ads it shoves out.

Cellnuvo though was NOT cute at all and of the lot that have come & gone in recent years I could have happily done without that scammy thing completely.

Visible wasn't truly free, but what with their great swap & free service deal...they deserve mention.
The free phone was great, the service for free also, but the amount it cost afterwards with its only offering being for unlimited put it outside of our budget when the free period ended.

And finally - Freeup - it may have been cute if it weren't so doggone annoying to use !!

IMO the best of the lot that we got some good out of (for a short while) was actually ringplus, as amazingly amusing as that may come across, and it was from there that many of us came here, which is a great goodness IMO !!

For some of us using FreedomPop, 'no news' is good news.

(Freedompop on AT&T LTE SIMs on USA plans continues working just fine. The Global 3G SIMs are history. I have 2 unused ones, as well.)