Any fellow gamer here?

Hi. I've been playing CS:GO for 2 years now and I think it's time to buy a good mouse. I'm stuck between Razer DeathAdder Elite or Zowie EC2 A. I have a Razer goliathus mouse pad. Need suggestions. Money is not an issue. I have a claw grip and medium size palm. TIA

I play APB on XBox One S, in case anyone wants to form a clan.

I was recently laid off, so join me while I have more time for APB before I'm forced to rejoin the workforce one day.

I used to play that all the time. I hated the p2w part of the game

Then a glitch stopped me from playing. Maybe I will try again for pc.

Hate to start from the beginning.

I used to be the wise guy with the heavy car that pinned people to the walls lol. Or using the glitches. Was fun when it lasted

Is game still free on steam?

Good old half-life. That was a game with 50 mods. I liked the jail one. Shoot a guy. Not killed but jailed. Then push a button before he could escape and he was gassed in jail cell.