Any experience with TopCashBack?

Do folks here have experience using TopCashBack? I heard about it only recently (today!) and am wondering if it is another scam. Any info, experiences, cautions, etc much appreciated.

Supposed to be fine and you get $10 with visible activation right now.

I've had good experience with them. I've had terrible experiences with befrugal and would warn people away from them.
As far as getting $10 visible offer, that may be a big IF but worth a try.
Sign up to TCB via this offer and if the $10 visible offer comes through you will get another $30 making the moto e6 deal a $20 money maker!

I use lots of discount codes for amazon stuff that save us lots of money already, so I wonder if that site also works along with those, and...
Grocery shopping at the actual BJs as opposed to their site ??

The Visible deal gets to look even better with $10 back - too bad that site doesn't have a cashback deal for Truphone !!

What info do they ask from you when you sign up, or when you are redeeming your cash backs? Do you need to give them your SSN or other sensitive info?

Just curious were you would get such codes for Amazon? We use Amazon quite a bit.


I've been pretty happy with befrugal. Had one denied but have received plenty of payouts. I usually just use rakuten though these days since cashback is pretty similar and rakuten works well. But yes $10 is a lot for visible. Will have to give topcashback a try.

Just my data point.

I actually had to take befrugal to small claims to get them to heal, then had to commence process to get them to pay. Horrible, terrible attitude towards their customers (the customer is always wrong & lying). My state AGs office consumer complaints bureau was a bit taken back by their brazen disregard. They had dealt with plenty of complaints re cashback from various sites so it is always a YMMV deal but I have learned the ins & outs over the years so almost always get paid. This was a slam dunk deal/payout but befrugal just didn't know how to say anything but "no, go away", so I didn't.

Can we take cellnuvo to small claims? Many here burned. You like your expertise on the matter since you did something similar

@peterquinn I used topcashback for a rebate a couple years ago when I bought a computer. It did take quite some time to get the rebate back, but I eventually got it. To be fair that could have been the dell, not to sure. But I would recommend it or any other related site.

Also its been awhile since I signed up, but the only thing I think was "sensitive" they asked was banking info to transfer the money to. However there are other options you can choose from to get more money back such as like a store giftcard.

No good idea re that.
I was never involved with callnuvo.
I wasn't chasing a company that "died", went bankrupt, dissolved or disappeared or would claim no assets or whatever situation cellnuvo is in.
I had help from my states AG consumer frauds/complaints division.
I happened to be lucky enough to have a nephew who is an attorney in MA (befrugal's home state) who pointed me in the right direction/assisted me.