Any Black Wireless customers here?

Thinking of moving to them from the free Sprint 1 year deal, mine is about to expire. Tello is ok, but, not enough coverage for me (wife has it). Twigby is therefore better for me since they have roaming, but, their 2g is 64k. Redpocket is ok, but, no MMS for iPhone. So, the only other cheaper option I could come up with is Black Wireless. $11.25/month, 128k 2G. There is of course Unreal GSM, but that's VOIP. Finally, there is low price yearly FreedomPop, but it's also VOIP and coverage is too limited, from what I understand, no roaming.

Just curious if any good, or bad, recent experiences.

I'm not familiar with Black Wireless but I camp all over the country and find that FreedomPop LTE has EXCELLENT roaming.

We camped in Medicine Bow National Forest, last week, in Wyoming, and were roaming on a regional Telco, there.

I was able to roam through much of Nebraska, as well.

Sprint Postpaid: nothing from central Wyoming to central Nebraska.

Verizon 3g: barely a wisp of signal in Medicine Bow.

TMobile Postpaid: nothing in Medicine Bow.

FreedomPop LTE: 3 bars of LTE and, thanks to rollover, I had 14GB in the bank.

I tethered through my FreedomPop phone, with my laptop, and managed to print paychecks for my employees and place our weekly merchandise order.

If it wasn't for Freedompop I would have had to use wifi, 20 miles away, to get my work done.

black wireless is owned by redpocket.

Rp also owns this one. It says up to 128k

mango is tmobile and black wireless is att

Thanks guys. I think Black Wireless it is. Mango appears to have exact same plans as Black (and quite similar website). Wanted AT&T. 64-128k speed is plenty for my usage, I've used 64k before, not a video watcher. I also have other devices with bandwidth should I need something faster and remote. 90% of the time, I am WiFi anyway. TMobile, used to have MintSim and had severe coverage issues around my area. Sprint native only is too limited. That leaves Verizon, and, never used them and didn't find a low cost carrier with them. FreedomPop AT&T would be about the same price, but VOIP, and more full speed data but that's not so important to me.

Chelle writes: "I'm not familiar with Black Wireless but I camp all over the country and find that FreedomPop LTE has EXCELLENT roaming."

I am very surprised that FreedomPop roams at all. This is excellent info-- thanks!

@sfatula: if Red Pocket (AT&T) doesn't have functioning MMS on an iPhone, and Black Wireless is owned by Red Pocket..... have you confirmed that BW has iPhone MMS? For some reason, I thought this was a common issue with mms and AT&T MVNOs-- but I'm an Android user, so I've only caught mentions in passing.

They say they do, and they even have a profile for it, so, better be true! As long as the carrier arranged for this to be possible, it's fine. So, RedPocket may not have done so, and, Black Wireless may have. A number of AT&T MVNOs work just like the majors, for example, PuretalkUSA does as well, used them 6 years ago.

I doubt mms will work properly on black wireless. It probably will have the same issues as redpocket but I hope for your sake it doesn't. It has to be an approved apple provider and ones like puretalk have gone to the trouble and expense of getting certified. You probably will have to go with one of the main mvno like puretalk/cricket/att prepaid if you need mms.

You guys were of course correct. Fortunately, I don't really need MMS messages. Of the 100 or so contacts I have, 1 of them is not iPhone. So, MMS becomes a moot point except for the family member on a group text, otherwise, iMessage is all I use. Still, they said it was there and it is not since it's really RedPocket. The guy seemed to have been genuinely shocked as he claimed he was using it on an iPhone 6 and an X. Maybe he is, but not really AT&T MMS, perhaps he was using GV or some other app, which is not native MMS. This was their guy on Facebook.

Oh well. Not unhappy, I do like the 128k speed throttled, using it.

My main problem with FreedomPop is they claimed my number could not be ported to them on their online checker, and, claimed the same via 3 weeks later tech support response (when I already had to be moved off of Sprint free plan). Yet, it went to Black Wireless in < 3 minutes just fine from Sprint. It was really fast.

BTW - I read an interesting discussion on Howard Forums where the whole profile, Apple, etc issue was discussed and the claim there was it was really an AT&T issue. Not that it really matters.

They did have a profile, it simply doesn't work. But, not worth any time since I might get one MMS a year.

When my 6 months comes up, will re-consider what deals are out there. FP AT&T annual might be fine, they just wouldn't port my number. My understanding is they now work with CallKit, so, can use the native phone app? If I could ever get them to port my number that is. I suppose I could try the slickdeals rep.