Another hilarious email from R+! Sep 21 wtf?!

Subject line: Your Number & Service Safe 'til Sept 21


At least they got it right in the body of the message? :silly:

I going to guess that R+ had so little standing and such a poor relationship with Sprint, that it was only until Ting got involved that Sprint became reasonable and understood that the Feb 11 cutoff was too soon.

As has often been the case with R+, being an early mover leads to more suffering. Those of us who put an effort to stay informed would have been the first to take action and port out, might have run into porting issues and be worried about losing numbers. Indeed, in many cases, people lost service entirely.

Those whose email accounts treat R+ as spam, may very well have been oblivious to this whole thing. Sometime before Feb 21, they'll get an email from Ting that doesn't go to spam, or maybe even a free text message, telling them what to do next. They'll think how nice of Ting to give a $35 credit which gives me time, maybe even months, to figure out where I eventually want to go. And they'll probably have little to no interruption in service.

As so often is the case, ignorance is bliss!

I'm one of those currently without service. At least I have assurances that my number is safe. But that doesn't do a lot of good if callers hear "Number not in service."

On the whole, though I'm okay with my early port-out. I think my plan was due to renew Feb 12th anyway and I really didn't feel like giving RP/Sprint any more money.

I have an android phone and I'm debating between Tello (with all their deals) and CellNuvo (because I really only plan to use data on this phone).

Data only? Freedompop. CDMA activation $1 (was free). 500MB a month. Get to 1000MB a month by adding 10 x friends. Get to 1500mb if you can have 5 friends* gifting 100mb each monthly.

*(gifting) friends can be global 1c sims

A lot of people have mentioned FP, but my data usage really isn't that high, I just don't want to pay $0.09/MB that truphone costs. :blink: And I've heard a lot of negativity about FP CS (and in some ways it's worse than RP was). I don't really NEED data, but RingPlus has me convinced that I WANT it. LOL

The final(?) R+ plan available for upgrade.

In true R+ fashion, the information is incorrectly transcribed, but it looks like 4 x 1000 with 2c overages. You can run your balance down to $0 and your plan will change immediately.

I'm too scared to choose it!

Yep - too funny how they cannot even get their dates straight for a sort of final announcement like that !!!

Here is anudder line I find amusing from a posting at the old forum:

And to my eyes, what that really means is...:
"It'll vanish whenever we get good & ready to vanish it & without notice as we've always done with everything else - so don't worry, OK ?!?"

I couldn't help but laugh when I read that email earlier this evening. It contained some good news for a lot of people and I'm glad they could work that out (though I'm really glad my lines are already ported out and on nice Tello plans now). But it wouldn't be RingPlus unless they messed up at least one little detail, like being seven months off with the date in the subject header. :side:

Got me all excited, Sept 21 yeah, Feb 21 boo...

Hi there JTSR71. Good to see you posting again.:woohoo:

Getting the details right was never an area of strength for RingPlus.

There are even errors in the Complaint that suggest it was not carefully proofread before filing.

Item 10 indicated a deficiency in the Summons.

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it.


How does one qualify as a "member?" Currently, the participation, subject matter and conversational flow of most threads (even "Off Topic") is heavily constrained. This makes it difficult to discuss certain "alternatives and other things on the forum."


No idea really - except to say as I have elsewhere=> wanton censorship rules there.

As for me, I'll peek in there every now & then just to see if'n there's a wee tidbit or 2 that may be useful - or, failing that, to make note of the seemingly inevitable 404 message so as not to look anymore after that.

'Faith in RP' to this former RP user seems like a complete oxymoron.
That's just my 2.5 cents though...

Whenever I visit the R+ forums, I always see somebody in the thread who was banned.

Is there more of a zero tolerance policy going on right now?

Strange if that's true as the horses have already bolted the stable.

The funniest observation is that those people keep coming back to the forum (many times under an alt ID/no Shield) then get banned again and again for the same behavior. :smiley:

The closed threads at one point filled the first two pages.


What are you talking about? You quoted me referencing troublemakers who kept coming back and kept getting banned. From your comment, looks like you are one of them.

I think the phrase "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" was crafted to describe just such situations as that. :slight_smile: