Another goody to give away

Howdy Folks.
I have a Panasonic KX-TGP500 SIP phone set.
These are still made & sold, as shown here:

It was bought out of curiosity when there were all sorts of really cheap ITSP deals going on.

Since my VOIP.MS number is now coming in via an Android device, this fell out of use.

AFAIK it is still in perfect, like new condition - just requires 2 AAA nimh batteries & it'll be ready to use.
I also have the book for it in PDF form.

If anyone here is an avid VOIP user this will be a perfect match.

If interested, contact me here & we can arrange to get it into your hands for the cost of shipping only.

Thanks for reading.

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Just an observation; it's really nice that you are taking the time and effort to offer quality items that you no longer use for free (just the cost of shipping).

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