Animoji - can we even treat apple seriously anymore?!

Plus from $999 for the iphone X.

The whole iPhone X product is wow. One of my kids turns 16 soon. I think I've just found the birthday present.

Nilay is a serious lover of the new iphone's Animoji face system. And she loves the future, and thinks Animoji feels like the future of smartphones. The author of the article is not so futuristic. He's a practical Honda rather than Ferrari guy. La vida not so loca.

Wake up people.. time for history lesson.

Yes, this animoji is new to smart phones

It is Not new to computers. I had a mean joker animoji in the late 1990's with AOL and their AIM pm system.

Everything put out from Apple is not magic. It is copied

This uses your facial expressions to animate the animoji.

Ok cool

Mine was a floating joker head. That cried . Laughed ect. You type lol the head laughed

I put a roman column under the head to look like a table