Android 11. Ouch

Please pardon my culture shock here...I've spend my day working at setting up the new Moto G for my partner.

Lots of not so good surprises from all the changes to Android.

The biggest/worst of it (IMO) is the camera - which for me doesn't matter & I can just disable it, but this is for someone who likes taking pics.
8MP & 5MP ONLY - and all permissions MUST be granted.

Tried maybe 6 other camera apps & had high hopes for Open Camera.
Nope - no dice.

The choices set by the Android gods are their camera...or their camera - easy choice, right ??

Minimizing the bloat on this non-rootable phone is via clearing & disabling only.
What a chore - even compared with Android 5, which I thought had made it icky, but this version reached new heights of ickiness when dealing with its bloatware.

Thank goodness I only need a phone for some calls or texts every now & then - so when I get a newer phone I'll now know what to expect & I'll make sure get more sleep the night before !!

IMO it also bears mention that the Moto G Pure appears to be the better of the 2 offered for swapping by Visible, and upon unboxing seems quite handsome.

Upon closer examination - its visual aspect is tall, but narrow, it is sealed making battery replacement either highly unlikely or totally impossible - but it really has a single, glaring bit of truly horrid quality:
The tiny, flimsy 'tray' for the SIM & microSD card which must be forced out with a special 'tool that they provide.

Very difficult for a man's hands to make use of, and aside of being incredibly flimsy & thin, replacing it once loaded requires an inordinate amount of pressure compared to how weak the thing is.

Having to change out the microSD card several times during the set-up of my partner's shiny new phone had me very concerned that I might snap it 1/2 way in, making that phone unusable.
I was extra, super careful with it and now that phone is fully activated, de-bloated to the best of my abilities and has the launcher she is accustomed to, so it will at least be somewhat familiar & comfortable for her, as long as it may last.

It astounds me that folks may also be buying such a device for as much as $200 !!

Wow - the more I see of it hte more I disapprove of it.

My partner started her phone today & it put ITSELF into a totally useless state - that doggone phone with V11 was in android "safe mode" - ARGHHHHH !!!!!!

Easy enough for me to shut off & reboot - but it really scared her.

Now I need to research for some way to PREVENT android "safe mode" from happening whenever it sort of feels like it. Meh.

Of course the TRULY sane alternative as things get worse & worse for users would be to just give up on ALL handheld devices, but that seems unlikely.

Thanks for the review