An Update from Chelle

Looks like I picked up a little leukemia bug along the way.

Of the various kinds that there are, it's not one that you'd pick-- but there are worse kinds as well. So I'm not complaining.

I've been receiving treatment in Atlanta for the past several months and will probably be here for another 4 months.

My daughter is a bone marrow match which will be a big help in the process.

That said, my doctor calls me "the A+ student". I've exceeded expectations after all treatments, so far. He expects me to beat this and actually be cured. (He gave me an 80% chance of survival, which is pretty good odds for a leukemia diagnosis.)

So y'all will probably be stuck with me, for years to come. If I suddenly disappear from these parts in June or July, though, then I'll see (most of) you on the other side. (Hopefully it'll be the nice ones.)

No sympathy please. All is good. There have been others, like oldbooks1, who disappeared and we wondered what happened to them. I'm just being proactive. :slight_smile:

At your request I save the sympathies but will send best wishes for strength in maintaining the stellar student attitude and high scores.

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Well, that's stinks, Chelle!

I've been in several forums where active members disappear. Sometimes, someone will find out what happened, and sometimes it remains a mystery. So, thank you for the update, and I'll pray that you make a full recovery, and quickly!

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Thanks for the update. We're all sticking around here, and expect that you will too.

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