Amazon Go Markets

"Go" is the keyword and is what these markets are all about.The article is good at explaining the the basic ways these GO stores operate, but I think the author glosses over the essence of the "why" these stores differ and have an advantage over current, normal convenience stores:-- no checkout lines. But the author does mention that prices at these stores are similar to supermarket prices, and are therefore less expensive than convenience stores, which is a big plus.

"It’s a bit overkill, I think, to replace a checker or self-checkout stand with a hundred cameras that unblinkingly record every tiny movement. What’s to gain? 20 or 30 seconds of your time back? Lack of convenience has hardly been a complaint for this market — it’s right there in the name: “convenience store.”

I can't speak for everyone, but I on average spend way more time than 20 or 30 seconds waiting in line at convenience stores, which is not so convenient. Also, to nitpick, not having to stand in lines may reduce the probability of contracting colds or the flu.

"The author also says:"Like so many ways companies are applying tech today, this seems to me an immense amount of ingenuity and resources being used to “solve” something that few people care about and fewer still consider a problem. As a technical achievement it’s remarkable, but then again, so is a robotic dog." I wonder if anyone said this about ATMs, or self checkout registers?

If it works well, this could be revolutionary. Once you experience it, you won't want to do it the old way.

Some pictures of what a "GO" store is:

Just a smidgin closer to EVERYTHING (and everyone) becoming chipped & RFID'd.

Yes--one is under surveillance just about everywhere nowadays. So if one is being watched while waiting in a convenience store line and while walking out of a lineless GO store, the latter option may be the quicker way to temporary freedom from prying eyes.

Looks like Pepper (the robot) didn't fare too well at his job. Pepper Robot gets fired from supermarket job helping customers | Mashable

It is not a good sign when they name a robot who has no hair and is not very tall "Fabio". It does seem appropriate that a robot called a "pepper" model would be hot to trot and behave just like some not so hot humans. They should try to make robots that are modelled after humans with average IQs, and not some of the humans depicted in the "Idiocracy" movie. In any case, some humans have job security for now.