Am I the only normal person here?

Holy crap has anybody seen this thread?

All of us are allowed to evaluate various MVNOs. But if our evaluations aren't positive, we stand a good chance of being banned. Too much of a coincidence to conclude otherwise.

I propose a new rule for evaluating Cell"X"-type companies. If the forums where they're discussed tend to ban folks, then the company has transitioned to something closer to a scam than a telecom.

I believe your conclusions are wrong.

Why is this on cellnuvo section and not general?

RE: "Am I the only normal person here?"
Only you can answer that question. Since it is the New Year, (Happy new year to all). It seems an appropriate time for some deep introspection and reflection.........
I for one freely acknowledge that I am definitely, proudly, NOT normal.:slight_smile:

The OP's question is another way of asking any of the following:

Why is everyone but me not normal?
Why am I better than everyone?
Why does everyone except for me suck so much?
Why am I so much superior to everyone else?
Why am I the center of the universe?
Why do I always ask conceited questions?

Ed. Say. Dera.

"Am I the only normal person here?"

I hope not because I've only just joined!

Happy New Year everybody!