All TARGET ADS No crediting

The Target ads no longer credit at all. They did after freezing issue was fixed now they do not credit

Also the CRUNCH ads do not credit


Please fix

I told ya. There are two types of Target ads, one of which is very hard to exit. That ad developer is a donkeyhole.

Email Tom for us.


None of the Target ads are crediting for me. Came here to see if others having problems with it & guess I'm not alone.

And getting the occasional "loading kiip" freezing, requiring force stopping app via Settings.

Having to swipe about 30 times or more just to get through the 20 Split the pot entries.

Edit: And that 100 silver survey never credits for me either and comes up way too often. When I see it starting to load I just close it out. Don't even attempt to do anymore.

On my phones, if the app hangs too long with the small black "loading your Kiip" tag, I can slow double-tap on that banner to close the process. The first tap changes the tag to something like "tap again to exit".

The non-loading or non-crediting surveys are a real pain: someone (sovashadow?) has noted that if you X out of the surveys, the app will keep serving the same survey back to you again. One recommendation is to go through the survey as quickly as you can, credit or not, to prevent the recurrence.

Why can't they have a working ad app

This is the most important job. Seems they use a 3rd party hence the time issue

I, too, have to view 30 ads to get 20 credits.

My surveys do credit, though.

Having emailed CN support regarding non-paying Whirlpool ads, I sense fixing the problems are harder to fix than it looks. Once the ad developer/tech released those ads, it seems they can't pull it back and redo them. They can suppress non-paying ads for awhile before they were appearing again. I believe a week later, MMMfacemmm, emailed Tom regarding Whirlpool ads too. It too was suppressed then reappeared again. Bear in mind, it's the third-party tech CN has to contact to fix the problem. It's not their in-house tech.

Perhaps the best way to deal with non-paying ads is to just add 1000 silver to Split the Pot may be 1, 2 or 3 times a week to make up for those ads. Doing this way will make the Split the Pot jackpot bigger and more fun to play, and motivate a lot of users to swipes despite of those non-paying ads.