All of arrynrob's posts gone

All of arrynrob's posts - apart from those in a locked thread - are gone.

His account is still there though.

Did arrynrob delete all his posts or has something else happened?

Interesting. Oldbooks1 left, or is on sabbatical, but his account and his posts are still extant. Dewey/Truman evidently left after deleting his posts and account. Now arrynrob's posts are gone, but his account remains. Why, even if a member no longer cares about this forum, would that member delete all their posts? Is the NSA at work here? Perhaps material for an Agatha Christie type.

They must've been russian agents... now wiping their tracks.

This may be arrynrob trying to go incognito for a while

If arrynrob is checking in, I hope he sees this thread and considers participating again.

I sensed him to be a very genuine person who sincerely read other people's points of view and gave a considered response.

But alas, I can no longer prove that!

My sentiments about "arrynrob" as well. I hope he did not get tired of my, and perhaps others, sometimes flippant remarks about certain topics.There was one humorous thread about coffee, where he, if I remember correctly, deleted his post(s) in this thread after I had made some attempted humorous remarks about a video with a coffee enima couple in it. Sorry about that, and hope he returns.

He is back

Good news! Welcome back!

Glad I paid that private eye

So this whole thread was click bait?