Alcohol making Stupid

I guess one can add to the well-worn message about not getting behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol, :sick: :sick: don't fall out the window of your vehicle and get your foot stuck in the wheel while under the influence.

So delighted to personally have zero grasp of this entire subject !!!

Doubly delighted - as one that habitually keeps the cars at home during those times which bring out the drunks.
Sadly however, a death in the immediate family right at the turning of the year number mandated an exception;
This resulted in an utter need to make an hour+ long drive through freezing fog to the 'local' Greyhound terminal at 3AM on 1/1/19.
Fortunately this activity was totally free of any exposures to any DUI participants and much to my surprise the roads were actually almost free of other traffic, allowing the attention to remain properly placed upon the road.
(Definitely NOT an activity one wishes to repeat however !!)