Advice? Swapping Phones NET10 / TracFone Brands

Advice appreciated from those knowledgeable & up to date on TF details.

Do I need a new BYOP (KYOP) SIM for below scenario?

Current phone/service -
Android (Samsung) BYOP NET10 (VZW) SIM on a monthly plan

Phone I'd like to transfer above service to -
iPhone SE3, originally Straight Talk, activated on ST, with no current active service/number on ST SIM that came with and was activated on the phone. Phone now unlocked (60+ days past, actually showed unlocked on day 59), worked fine when I tossed a Freedom Pop SIM in it.

Can I just take the BYOP NET10 SIM out of the current phone and put it in the new phone? I've generally read warnings against doing this with TF VZW based SIM.

Can I use the online system to "BYOP" current NET10 phone #/service to the new (i)phone using the ST SIM that was originally "married" to this new phone?
I think the gist of the info I've read is this is ok TF to TF?
Unsure this would apply NET10 service to TF ST activated SIM without exposing some odd inter-brand wrinkle/issue?

Do I need to buy a new BYOP SIM kit?
Even though it's NET10, a TF SIM kit (that contains VZW SIM) should work?
Then just go through BYOP online on NET10 website.