Ads dried up again

Ads dried up again, especially 15 silver ads

Why? Why? Why?

Did I ask why?

1st of month?

Yes, you also?

I swiped a little last night around 7 pm central, 2 phones. The first phone saw ads like I've seen recently, and it was quick to get my 20 contest entries. Within an hour or 2, I was going to do the same on the other phone, and saw the dearth of ads you have reported. I think I gave up before I got 20 entries, but did not go back and try the first phone again, either.

We've seen plenty of short-term dry spells, though. It only becomes worrisome if they stretch out too long. I wonder if there's a behind the scene regular transition period that we haven't really noticed? (i.e., monthly, every 6 weeks, quarterly, etc.-- as if time periods are booked in blocks for ads.)

I mean right now. Not last night. Right now is anyone getting ads especially 15 silver?

Not me

Are any of you using a VPN while swiping? I just tried with mine on, then off, and once I turned it off I started getting quite a few 15-pointers.

Perhaps that would be worth a try. Good luck!

Wow, that pollfish survey that goes in a loop, finally lets me finish, awards 1 silver. what the heck.

I'm not getting any 15 point ads but I'm getting tons of 100 point surveys.

I'm seeing 100 silver surveys, but not much else. I'd feel somewhat better about it if I was also getting the 100 silver from the surveys. (I'm not that worried, or upset-- I've seen delayed survey rewards before.)

I never get paid for the100 silver, but we had this discussion before

That's strange-- I always get credited immediately.

That's because you are special.

All I'm getting is the dancing girls tik tok app on my ads...