Add 1 GB Data plan

Currently, FreeUp doesn't have 1GB plan. 500 MB or 2GB data may be too less or too much respectively. Adding 1GB plan will offer customers more options to join its paid plans and thus increase sales! May be reduce the unlimited calls/texts to 1,000 minutes/texts a month to be able to keep it at $15 a month with 1GB data.

I'm not asking for lowest prices from FreeUp, look at what happened to RingPlus when not having enough profits....just suggestion to make it more competitive to other carriers.

My assumption is that offering 'unlimited' minutes or texts actually costs the carrier almost nothing additional over a lower limit, because the desire to use it is not elastic. (i.e., if I normally talk for 600 minutes per month, I'm unlikely to talk significantly more just because I'm allowed 'unlimited'.)

Data is a different story. Use is more likely to expand with a higher limit.

I would also like to see the plan you're suggesting, though. 1000/1000/1gb would be great!

Unfortunately, FreeUP has been doing away with the features that made them competitive without adding new features in their stead. Fortunately, I still have the grandfathered unlimited t&t+1GB for $15 a month, and it's just right for me, yet I have a feeling this plan's days are likely limited. FU needs to soon get creative in order to attract new users.

Same thoughts. Grandfathered into the 1gb plan. Maybe they have enough users to feel confident about their changes.

Hmmmm, wonder why FreeUp takes away the paid 1GB data, unlimted calls/texts plan. I can understand the free plan taking it out since no more coupons to help pay for those. Well, hopefully, they'll bring that 1GB plan back.

Honestly, I think the included international talk/text is a competitive feature. It's not useful for me, and it may not be a large enough niche to provide much boost to subscriber numbers-- plus I imagine it comes at a potentially higher operating cost to FreeUP.

Ditto with the unlimited talk/text-- but that one may attract a wider user base. (Again, not useful to me.) It is a competitive rate for those who need it on AT&T.