Ad supported 'how to stop ads' article

The author tickled my funny bone. I counted 11 ads on the webpage. Yes, There Are Too Many Ads Online. Yes, You Can Stop Them. Here's How. | HuffPost Impact
Still, the author has a valid point. He earns money from ads posted on his web page.
Does anyone use the min browser or bad ad Johnny
Any other favorites?
Remember when cable TV told us that if we subscribed and paid for TV there would be no ads?
The Internet may be free, but we pay for our connection and a huge amount of the bandwidth we use goes towards loading ads.

Ads are a catch 22 situation. But as the article points out, the ever increasing volume of ads is the last straw for me, for on some sites it has become almost impossible to concentrate on reading something while constantly being bombarded with ads. I haven't used the two browsers mentioned in the article, but have been relatively content using AdBlock+ and going to sites using Chrome's incognito browsing. Also, I have used Duck Duck Go browser in the past. What I find interesting is some sites, mainly newspaper sites, even block ones access while using incognito mode as if they know who you are. Money makes the world go round.

Simple. Get a browser like Firefox and load add-on called AdBlock plus
Ads gone

Also there are privacy protection add-ons also