Active or recent topics

Would like a way to view 'active' or 'recent' topics, i.e. new replies or topics since the last time I visited.

Much easier than clicking into each sub-forum to find them.


edit: just found this: Recent Topics | Kunena

hungryghost, that was quick, thanks!

Edit: I was going to ask about adding 'tagging', but without an inbox to let the user know they were tagged, it wouldn't work well.

Does "Recent" only look at the MVNO subforum?

I think it covers everything.

The drop down menu under "All" is very helpful and you can filter the time interval.

"Since last visit" is one I like a lot.

This forum seems to me to be much easier to use and search than the RingPlus one.


Agreed on this being easier to use. And hungryghost does a great job moderating!