Activate account on another phone

My phone died and when I try to avtivate my account on a different phone I get "account already in use" never had this problem before.

I've never seen it either-- activating the app on a different phone always disabled the app on the earlier device.
If your phone has died, I don't suppose you could delete the app on the old phone?

If I put my old phone in the freezer for a while I can get it to work for a minute or two, I could try that. Thanks

What about delete data and cashed?

Too bad it's not winter. :wink:
I don't have high hopes for this process, but it's worth a try-- although it would be unfortunate if you still can't activate the app on the replacement phone! Maybe take screenshots first, or send a question to Support.

I have a screenshot. Got the phone out of the freezer and got as far as deleting the app and it died in the process. Will leave it in the freezer over night and try again. Update: got the app deleteted from old phone but still says my email is already in use when trying to activate on another phone. I guess support is next step. May not be worth the trouble as nothing works on my wifes phone with the new app, can't swap points for dollars or earn any points.

I got that error when I tried to register with a different PROMO code than the one signed up with. NUVO, FREE, or whatever.

I think it was when I tried to sign up for Swipir with the same email account as I had with a CN account. They probably implemented it similarly.

I never tried Swipir, but CN definitely changed something.