Accounts Going Dormant

Noticed this month that our two accounts went dormant due to "being away" despite them having met the required use to prevent them going dormant. In fact, I activated the data only SIM I have and the next day it was dormant again after using some data to test it. All said, if you use these as backup cards, you may be in for a surprise (like I was when I found myself in need of it for a brief period of time).

I use my FP account just as a backup, so this is a huge concern. How difficult is it to get the account out of dormant status? Hopefully it doesn't need the FP app in order to get it back to working status.

It's easy but you will need to access their website to activate the account back again. That said, you will need internet access.

It's not really hard to get the line active again, IF you have access to the your online dashboard. (Click a button that says you've been away for a while.) That IF is a pretty big one, though, if you're somewhere without WiFi service, which is when I always need my FreedomPop line..... The app is not necessary.

(EDIT: sorry for repeating tech-stich's comment-- I guess I type slow.)

I have found, as tech-stitch mentions, that a dormant account frequently takes 2 attempts at reactivation for it to stick.

FreedomPop has varied how closely they monitor required usage during different periods, and it appears to me that they are stepping up monitoring again. The awkward thing (for me) is that they require usage in each 30 day period, which is not tied to the 30-day renewal period. (For example, if your account renews on 3/13, and you used the line on 2/14, and again on 3/22, you have used the line in each billing period, but there is over a 30-day period of non-use, and it may go dormant.)

I don't have enough data samples to be certain, but it appears to me that they do cut a little slack over the 30-day requirement..

For me, I have proof with the dashboard showing usage within a much shorter period (six minute call on 2/29/20 and one minute call on 3/4/20). Account suspended just a few days a go with the lame excuse of being gone for a while.

The data only one, I can see since it was closer to the 30 day mark, still, well within.

Maybe it was a glitch this month. Time will tell.

What's considered sufficient usage to keep an account active? Would 2 phone calls using the app be enough? Or should there be X mb data used?

A while back, a company rep commented in this forum, and I believe mentioned 5-10mb, or 6 calls. (Duration of calls wasn't mentioned.)

I've used 5mb as my minimum usage benchmark, and can't recall any issues -- but 10mb is closer to my average 'minimum'.

(EDIT: TO ADD: remember that for a number of calls to count as 'minimum required usage', you must be using the FreedomPop VoIP calling app. If you're using Google Voice, TextNow, or any other app for calling, the required minimum use will be reflected only in the data you've used for those calls. FreedomPop doesn't, and can't, distinguish between data used for other VoIP calling apps and regular data.)