Account Transfer To Another Device

Hello folks,

Has anyone moved their account to another device in the past two days without issues? I received some information indicating there could be some issues activating on a new device, so I figured I'd ask first to avoid creating a new CellNuvo account just to test this (before risking account drama on an existing account being actively used). The referral ID would be the same presently tied to that account (no changes there).


I have heard of issues. I would hold off for now.

Seems that there is an error message when you try to move to a new device or reactivate saying that the email is already in use with no way around it. Seems like a glitch rather than an upcoming change but who knows.

Thank you. I wanted to move my wife's account to the new LG Rebel 4 I picked up today (the deal you posted). The phone holds great promise (runs quick and feels great for the price paid).

Best hold off for now then until they figure things put or someone is forced to try (e.g. Current phone dies)! Then again, if too much time passes, ill just make a test account to test and get it over with. As it is, I am starting to get inpatient with the phone payout. Anyway, thats another animal. Thanks again!

I was able to transfer to another device this evening without any issues.

@mmfacemm, just wondering...

When you transferred, did you activate the app / account on your new device before you deleted it from your old one, or did you delete it from your old one before you added it onto your new one? That would be good to know if I ever need to attempt a swap -- thanks!

Activated without deleting it off the old one. I think that is safest. That way if something goes wrong it is still on the old device. I've seen one issue where you get an error when trying to activate on a new device saying the email is active on another device. The temptation there is to delete it off the old device but that doesn't fix the issue and you would have to get support to help anyway. So yes best to leave it on the old device until you are sure it is on the new one.

Thanks, as always, for your excellent advice -- most appreciated!

Just wanted to report that we were able to move one of the accounts to a new device without problem. The process followed included entering the original referral code.