A whole lotta Brushing Goin On

Finally, a new electric toothbrush. 10 seconds, teeth cleaned, and one is good to go. Kids might enjoy using it because it's battery operated and one only needs to tolerate it for ten seconds. This company may sell a lot of these toothbrushes before the results of the "clinical trials" come in, and before the ADA poo poos the device, or the ADA's French equivalent. Of course the ADA got in hot water themselves for claiming dental flossing is effective in reducing cavities, etc., without any proof by way of a "clinical trial", and so criticism or endorsement by the ADA might not carry the weight it should. Perhaps it would have been better if they made the handle a T and called it the T-Brush. Or maybe X brush.

Just noticed a Kickstarter competitor who hasn't reached the finish line. Looks like a very similar product, 10 seconds to clean and all. Toothbrush patent wars 9.9.