A Wellness Craze

Cowpathy Lipbalm? That will be a no for me.

Much wisdom and many admirable people and ideas have been shared by India during its long existence, but similar to other cultures, the overwhelming majority of India's traditional medical notions and cures don't pass muster with scientific testing, which is to say, there is no evidence that such traditional practices work as believed, or promised. But as some will retort, what does science know? Well, science or no, drinking cow urine is not my cup of tea, although I do like cow milk occasionally. Yet one thing seems to be true of just about all cultures, though, and that is people will spend money on just about anything in the hope it will make them feel and/or look better.


Cows' gotta expand their market to stay employed... goats are encroaching in their market. :slight_smile:

Poor goats. "Like cows, goats produce milk for their own babies. Humans are the only animals who steal and drink the milk of other animals. The bottom line? Unless you’re a baby goat, there’s no reason to drink goat’s milk."

Well, there's competition from plants too.