A survey for those NthCircle members using any FreedomPop free plans

A survey for those NthCircle members using FreedomPop free plans (either GSMA or GSMT).
Why do you continue to use the these plans and put up with all the constant ever changing hurdles for "Freeness"....?

  1. I'm in a financially restrictive situation
  2. I just can't resist getting even minimal cell phone service for free; irrespective of the ever changing hurdles (even though I'm basically OK financially )
  3. This is all kind of a game with me
  4. FreedomPop "free" plans give me something to constantly complain about
  5. Other.....

For those who don't need data the GSMT 300/1000/100 is actually a useful amount so maybe minimal is not totally inaccurate but adequate fits better for some.

I suppose #1 but the financially restrictive situation is (thankfully) not mine but the person I manage the line for.

There is an element of #3 for me I suppose. I could do a TF bucket or Hello mobile $5 plan. They could deal with $60/yr. or most of it of it anyway, they wouldn't be happy with me contributing much more than the time to manage it for them and I need to respect that or be ok with lying to them and paying part of the service cost.

Thanks to the member here who sold me the GSMT 300/1000/100 SIM after wmart stopped selling them.

  1. Other......
    I use my FP GSMA for a backup to my Visible (Verizon network). I have had to use it at least 2 times when Verizon was down in the area. Even though it is rarely used, I use it when needed and it being free is all the better. If it were not free I probably wouldn't have a backup phone except for a real emergency which 911 can be used on most phones without service.

Obviously, it would be #4! :rofl:

  1. This is all kind of a game with me

Cool idea, making a poll SeanW !!

1 + 'other'...
We are in a $ restricted lifestyle, and we do need just a tiny bit of GSMA for the few times that a call is needed & our US Mobile (VZ) coverage is taking a break.

2 other things are also part of this for us=>
1 - My partner's Redpocket will expire soon;
2 - If she hasn't taken retirement by then, she can take my Lifeline phone & I'll just keep the fp one around for just in case times.

Do I enjoy the fp silliness ??
Nope. Not even a tiny bit.
For me this is all the last gasp for fp & when it may dry up that'll be OK.

Mostly 3, in my case. There was a time when I still held out hope of getting Freedompop to honor the credit I had from before they got bought by Red Pocket, at which point it was partly stubbornly wanting to get what I'd paid for.

Some of it is also just habit.

Some of it is because during a time when it made slightly more sense for my life, I accumulated enough devices and sim slots - and ways of using those devices - that it made some level of sense to have as many borderline-usable sims in them as possible (two different networks in my dual-sim phone, a third in my smartwatch, and two networks in my dual-sim tablet), but at the same time it never made sense for me to try to get what most people would consider useful amounts of service on any of them except in my daily driver. The habit of keeping as many sim slots in use as possible hasn't faded.

If the sim I let lapse into "canceled" had been either of the GSMA FP sims instead of the GSMT, I might have tried to port out the number, but I very well might not have bothered with trying to get CS to reactivate it.

  1. This is all kind of a game with me

Do I enjoy the fp silliness ??
Nope. Not even a tiny bit.
For me this is all the last gasp for fp & when it may dry up that'll be OK.
I'm right there with you on that.

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A survey for those NthCircle members using any FreedomPop free plans:

And as for me...
It's #3
(with a bit of #2)

5 - Sort of #1 but I'm just a cheapskate. My free lines on FP and FreeUp are used by my adolescent kids (who I don't yet want having data) and on my parents' phones that are essentially being used as landlines in conjunction with Google Voice. We could afford alternatives but why pay if you don't have to.

That's my philosophy, too.

I guess #3 mostly, although I haven't really found it a big hassle to renew my GSMT line. I keep the line as a back up, haven't really needed to use it, as Spectrum(Verizon) is pretty stable in my area.

Well, it appears I spoke too soon..just tried to log in to the FreedomPop site, and it's unresponsive...nothing happens when I click on "login" - tried the "Myfreedompop", but my creds don't work there. Maybe this is old news to y'all...last month I just logged in and supplied my cc# to renew..I'll download the app on my backup phone and see what happens.

I have three lines of GSMA 100/100/100 and and two lines of GSMA 10/10/25, and I wish I had the GSMT 300/1000/100 instead. so my reason is


because my complaint is that I don't have the GSMT.