A sort of box store funny

The ms. required me to get her some bagged manure for her gardening efforts.
Given that the 3 box stores that we are willing to patronize are ~45 minutes away, I worked at locating some via their sites & follow-up calls.

Of the 3 stores, only the smallest had any - so I ordered it online for pickup.

Got the 'ready to pick up' email & called to ask about details.
The young sounding guy told me to just bring a print of the email & they'd happily come right out & load it for me...perfect,

Upon arrival a tall 60-ish man came out - looked at the email, told me he'd never seen such a thing before - then quite pleasantly loaded the 40+ pounds into the car.
He also took the email to confirm the pickup - all good, right ??

The next day an email came in reminding me to pick up my order, which seemed quite odd to me, so I ignored it.
Another day passed & the same reminder came again, which got me curious.

I considered calling there to follow up, but truly wanted to wait & see just how big the disparity between their site & store might be.

Next I got an email saying sorry it didn't work out, but you won't be charged.

Given that ~40 pounds of manure only costs $4, this is not a huge thing - but what about if it had been something huge with a much larger price which saw this same exact failure.

Modern living at its best ?!?