A Rock Solid Movie Critic

The ultimate critic of climbing scenes in movies might be the greatest free solo climber who has ever lived---Alex Honnold---, who recently accomplished one of the greatest athletic feats in human history by climbing El Capitan in Yosemite, which was documented in the academy award nominated movie "Free Solo". :whistle:

I had a housemate for a while who is a rock (and ice) climber - and also a client who was as well.
Those folks are definitely a breed apart from the mainstream, even to the point of defying description, really.

Beyond description indeed. I believe your neck of the woods is a magnet for rock climbers, as is mine. Every year there are one or two climbers who fall to their deaths, yet they keep coming. Alex Honnold actually had a MRI test to determine if the area of his brain where fear registers was normal, and it wasn't, for little activity occurred there. He thought this was the case because he had learned to control his fear. I was once invited to go rock climbing with a fearless friend, and I'm glad to say that the fear in my brain was quite active and a big "No" popped up. "Gravity is benignly indifferent." Scott Bergstrom

It certainly seems to be so:

Brings to mind the concept of 'jumping out of a perfectly good airplane' - to which I reply NO THANKS on 2 levels:
1 - The activity itself - for as you remind - gravity DOES work !!
2 - I find complete disagreement inthe idea that there are actually ANY 'perfectly good airplanes' !!

When Star Trek like transporter technology arrives for the public (after being proven to be reliable & safe), I'll consider traveling longer distances than my old car will do - but until then I'm happy being a homebody !!!