A Picture is Worth?

Very interesting. A lousy painting that may not even be by Da Vinci sold for $450,000,000. That said, $ 450,000,000 isn't that much nowadays.

Indeed. After this tax cut bill passes, we all likely instantly shed our status of being temporarily embarrassed multimillionaires by taking our tax dollars back.

Yes-- it' s tough out here being a 1%er.

Multimillionaires have suffered long enough & must band together in order to catch up to the billionaires. But first, must port phone out of CellNuvo somehow.

While unlikely, it might not be that surprising if there happened to be at least one multimillionaire with a CN phone. I often frequent a 99 cent store and a Costco store that are located near some neighborhoods where many multi-millionaires live. And it is not uncommon to see several $100,000 to $200,000, and beyond, cars in the parking lots of these establishments, as their owners enter and exit said stores, which may illustrate that a frugal person can take themselves out of their need to be frugal, but they cannot take the frugal nature out of themselves. Several years ago, someone wrote a book about " The Millionaire Next Door", which now seems outdated, and should be followed up with "The Multi-Millionaire Next Door".

That Ferrari was just a hand me down... probably only worth a few 100k no big deal.

Yeah-- any car without dealer tags still affixed is suspect.

I think the author of the article admirably paints a portrait of the deplorable distribution of wealth in this country, and does so with dark satire, which calls forth fond memories of Jonathan Swift's " A Modest Proposal", which, in like manner, satirized the immoral economic behavior of his day. Thanks.

I resemble that remark! Just for that, I'm gonna take my country back! So there!


A dream.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.