A MVNO I've just been made aware of

I offer no knowledge or opinion .Just heard about this MVNO .


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Not that there is much info in the thread but anyway....

posted 3 days ago on SimplyHired:

Job Summary:

Join Infimobile as a Sales Associate and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to selling innovative cell phone plans to customers across the USA. This entry-level position is ideal for enthusiastic individuals with excellent communication skills and a passion for sales. As a Sales Associate, you will be the driving force behind our sales efforts, using various platforms including phone calls, emails, and e-commerce sites to effectively reach customers.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹500,000.00 - ₹1,000,000.00 per year


That's roughly 6000 - 12000 USD per year.

That is quite correct: 6000 - 12000 USD per year for a "Full-time" job position.