A musical query

Perhaps this is an unusual thing - I prefer to know what songs are saying.
They may have enchanting music, but (IMO) if the words are incomprehensible, that takes away from the value of the experience.

Another example of this has been when songs are in another language & do not provide english lyrics (in YT videos, for example).
One very lovely song that springs to mind was by a Dutch composer, and there was no way to find out what is was saying at all.

I have also searched for any sort of online tool which may be able to transcribe song lyrics - without success.

Presently I have an MP3 of a very inspiring little song, in which the louder chorus is easily heard - but the softer parts elude my rather weak hearing.
This would be my 1st thing to try any such tool with, if one may be found.

Does anyone here know of such a thing ??


I don't know of any special tool. On the YT video maybe provide a link so some of our friends here that may speak that language or know someone that does could offer some help. On the mp3, try searching the lyrics you can hear in quotes to see if that gives any results.

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Thanks for your thoughtful reply 112059 !!
I thought my query might be too far-fetched for anyone to reply, actually, so this has made my day, thanks.

That YT video was made a year ago, and amazingly I was able to find it again:
Dominik Gehringer - 24th Day (Original Mix)

The MP3 I have is part of a much longer track by Paul R. Scheele from the 'Sonic Access' program.
I tried searching quite a bit to pin down the parts below my hearing threshold, but found exactly nothing, sadly.
It is just a 3 1/2 minute piece & the parts I can follow are quite nice.

Thanks again !!

Is your piece a part of this? If it is you can right click on the three dots by the share/save tabs (you have to open the file in YT to get this option) and select the transcripts and it will give the lyrics that YT can figure out.

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WOW !!!
Astounding indeed.
You found what I could not find.

That YT member has the one you linked & just 1 more - which has the segment in it that I have described :


Sadly, the 3 dot menu has no option for a transcript for me & the CC is unavailable.
The segment I find most delightful begins at 18:21 & ends at 21:00 - and really the whole thing is also quite good.

Great find 112059 - Sincerest Thanks !!

The video you linked DOES have the timestamped lyrics within the 3 dot menu, but the 2nd video does not have those, sadly.

I did find a tool. There is a video editing program that is free called Davinci Resolve, and there is a free plugin called Simon Says that does auto transcription. I know someone that uses Resolve and it is a very good program but I don't know how good the Simon Says plugin is for transcribing audio.
You could also try to copy the A/V file from YT and upload it privately to see if YT will transcribe it, it is possible that YT only transcribes more modern uploads? All of this would take more time than I have to spare.

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Hello Again & Sincerest Thanks Again for your time & efforts in replying to my query !!

As shown here=>

Installing Davinci Resolve in my OS is well above my pay grade !!

Uploading the clip back to YT is an interesting idea, thanks also for that.

The best news of all for me:
The longer & more inclusive videos which you found for me are quite lovely.
Since all they are is audio with a single pic, I grabbed their MP3s & have quite enjoyed listening to them, whole.

Somehow that music is different (possibly newer ??) than the original Scheele program that I have, and also much nicer.

Looking at their sites gives the impression that what I have as well as whatever may have replaced it are quite dated by now.

My original query for this post was truly aimed at hoping that someone here with better hearing than my own might take the ~3 minutes to give that clip a listen and jot down the words so that I may follow them, BUT:
Having the longer, better version now is quite satisfying for me.

Thanks Again & Best Wishes.

Wow !!!
It is WAY early for xmas gifts - but I just got a great gift from none other than our great fellow member 112059 !!

This really fills in the blank spots in that song quite handsomely for me.

I copy/pasted what was provided & chopped it up into the verses for my own use & also shared that version via PM here with 110259.

If 110259 wishes to share that further here it may help anyone else who also feels inspired by that little song.

Once Again - Sincerest Thanks to 112059.

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Though the words differ slightly from what I had I will use the ones you made since I believe the format is easier to read. These lyrics are from ~18:21 - 21:00 into the YT video.

Lookin' in the mirror and I get to see, the world I've created and it's on me
listenin' to the song of spirit we get to hear, the perfect creation that's always near
standing in your power and your majesty, I feel your presence deep inside of me.

In my quiet time silent I am, open and ready for you
speak to me clearly in words of truth, I know your wisdom is coming through

I am one with the presence, I am one with the light
I am one with the presence, I am one with the light

In my quiet time silent I am, open and ready for you
speak to me clearly in words of truth, I know your wisdom is coming through

I am one with the presence, I am one with the light


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One Once Again - Sincerest Thanks to 112059.

You're welcome, glad I could help, I had a few extra moments today.

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There is also a bit of a mystery here which will most likely remain unsolved forever...

The MP3 files that I have are from the original (very old) Paul R. Scheele 'Sonic Access' program.

What 112059 found does contain that title & I had also searched but did not find those exact videos.

The mystery is this:
The shorter of them seems to be clips from multiple source files that have been very carefully mixed - and it seems that since the shorter is 12:22 while the longer is 24:44, that it is just the 1st...repeated twice.

I've listened to the entire original 'Sonic Access' program and cannot identify which parts those clips come from, so=>
It seems as though YT user Kasboo did a wonderful work of finding great clips & then making these compilations ~5 years ago...and his channel has just the 2 videos.

They are really very good (IMO) & very easy listening for times when one wishes to chill out for a little while.

Made possible by 112059.

I used the comment feature to post my query at YT & much to my amazement the poster replied !!
That chat is under the shorter version, here: