A Long Voyage Home

"After a six-month odyssey around the world, during which it was hit by coronavirus and saw the oceans dramatically empty of other vessels, the last cruise liner still carrying passengers has made its final port of call, delivering its eight guests to a world vastly changed from the one they set sail in."

I suppose the 8 passengers sort of got their money's worth and an unforgettable journey that some did not survive.

I guess social distancing wasn't a problem for the 83 people (75 crew & 8 guests) on a ship designed for 1200+.

Perhaps the 8 passengers will become reality TV stars, although they may no longer be "Crazy for the Sea".

"Along the way, Captain Morten Hansen kept passengers, coworkers, cruise fans and loved ones in the loop via his Facebook page.
Norwegian-born Hansen has been commanding cruise ships since 2001 and will be recognizable to some as the star of the TV series "Crazy for the Sea," a German reality show that documents cruise ship life."

Or, depending upon the makeup of those eight, a long overdue(???) remake of "Gilligan's Island" might be in the works. :slight_smile:

Too many people: Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, Mr and Mrs Howell make six.
I know you can do anything in a remake but anything else would be sacrilegious.

Well, certainly no remake of "The Love Boat" is in the works.

Excellent point -- we wouldn't want to upset any Gilligan aficionados! But The Professor would make seven, and given how long these eight have already been together, one of them could conceivably opt out of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for stardom, in which case we might just be back in business. :slight_smile:

Wow, I think I just had a senior moment: I remembered the Professor and mistakenly thought I had included him, then added up the names to get six :frowning: Thanks for the correction/addition :slight_smile: