A cellular twist that I'd forgotten about...

Hi Folks.
Just read a thread at the Obi forum that reminded me of an option which may be worthy of trying out at some time...data only + VOIP.
Here is the link to that thread:

Of course since it seems that there is so little in low cost data services here in the US, it may not work out quite as wonderfully as the $15/month the poster has mentioned, but it is still a nifty concept to consider.

I guess it is time now to watch for whatever best deals may come around for AT&T based services with a very cheap data rate, and consider trying this idea out.

Any related & helpful thoughts on this topic will be greatly appreciated.

Unreal Mobile SIM (AT&T) may be an option.

UNREAL Mobile - FREE 3-in-1 GSM LTE SIM, FREE 14-DAY TRIAL, $0.99 Activation

UNREAL Mobile - 1GB/Month 3 Month 4G LTE 3-in-1 SIM Kit

UNREAL Mobile - 2GB/Month 3 Month 4G LTE 3-in01 SIM Kit

UNREAL Mobile - 5GB/Month 3 Month 4G LTE 3-in-1 SIM Kit

Thanks for that pointer !!

Had a look here:
$14.99/3 months is a decent price depending upon what it costs to renew of course - but then...
I looked at the reviews.
Holy cow !!
Folks make this sound like a brother of FP with all the worst of that carried over.

Keeping my eyes open & looking around, as fortunately there is no hurry ATM.

Dennis Bournique's website Prepaidcompare.net may come in handy. You can browse by desired network (eg; AT&T) and options (eg; unlimited slow data). https://prepaidcompare.net

Black Wireless (AT&T MVNO) "Data Plus" plan for $15/month (or less with "multi-month" savings) includes: 200 minutes / 200 texts / 500 MB data at high speed, then unlimited data throttled at 128 kbps. Black Wireless | No Contract Prepaid Wireless Plans

Possibly Red Pocket's $10 a month 1GB data only plan on AT&T---or the AT&T 2GB data only plan at $15 a month.