90 day activation policy for ebay annual plans

Just in case anyone missed it or had purchased an annual plan off ebay earlier in the year and is still holding on to it... they changed the activation policy to 90 days before the plan expires. Seems to have gone into effect 30 August 2019.

I was holding on to mine as the stacking can be hit or miss but they seem to have gotten better at it.

I've read some discussions elsewhere about stacking these annual Red Pocket plans. I've never done it. Some indicate that it's virtually impossible to stack annual plans that aren't identical, while stacking identical plans seems possible.

Red Pocket seems to have reliability problems stacking anything-- I've had to call in to apply a stacked payment even on a monthly plan with no changes.

yes you can only stack identical plans as far as I know

In general, perhaps world-wide, it seems that corporations have become uttery desperate to greedily grab more & more $$$ whilst often providing NOTHING in return if possible.

This seems to be a fine example of it.

Of course, that RP also omitted having any BF offers for us 'lower tier' users this year may also be part of the same sort of anti-customer sentiment.
(I just had a similar experience with AAA within the past hour, oddly enough.)

A$$es won't provide a new activation pin. Looks like I am done with them.

Sorry to hear this as it completely confirms what I posted earlier - very sad.

I think I missed a step-- did you have a purchased plan that was past the 90-day activation window?

I wonder if talking to a different rep might give a different result.....

Yes it has been 4 months. Not sure if I can get another agent as it was bought via eBay. I contacted them via eBay. The chat rep on the main website told me to talk to them.

I was going to buy a special now for next year. Oh well guess not

RP support provided a new code after a little coaxing. Thank you RP.

Stacking does work much better. I applied the code to my plan which expires in May and it extended for another year.