9 to 5

Nokia 9 to have 5 cameras, that is.

Looks as if Nokia uttered the first words in the camera phone business, and is trying to have the last word, too.

"The company would then be known as a successful and innovative maker of camera phones. The Nokia 3600/3650 was the first camera phone on sale in North America in 2003. In April 2005 Nokia partnered with German camera optics maker Carl Zeiss AG.[47] That same month Nokia introduced the Nseries, which would become its flagship line of smart phones for the next six years.[48] The Nokia N95 introduced in September 2006 became highly successful and was also awarded as "best mobile imaging device" in Europe in 2007."

Is it a camera...or a phone ??
Only mikr0$0ft (the owner of Nokia) knows for sure !!!

Sold a couple of years back to hmd

I forone am looking forward to this phone assuming the camera is not just a gimmick.