6 month under $40

6-Months of Prepaid Tello Unlimited Talk Text and 2GB Data Cell Plan for $39.20

Tested coupon code: SUMMERSAVE20
Works, discount applied to cart.

Anyone get this? How soon must you activate or port your number over?

Is this 2GB LTE then unlimited 2g speed afterwards?

Anyone want to post their referral codes for this deal here? (If there some kind of referral code?)


referral code: P3NX9Z49

30 days to activate.

Normally 2GB LTE then unlimited 2G, but currently getting 4GB a month due to Covid-19. (On the Stack Social 6 month Tello plan I got 5 months ago) I also got another 6 month plan last week and will activate it in about 3 1/2 weeks.

Referral Code: P3R9CFS6

I've read that a referral code can't be used for the Stack Social plan, because it's delivered as a code that's applied in the same field that you could normally use for a referral code.

Perhaps that's changed, and it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Good point re the referral codes. I was just about to edit my post above to mention I was unable to use a referral code when activating my 6-month plan 5 months ago, unless, as mentioned, something has changed.

Thanks, 30 days from this week would be end of June... the end of the Sprint Free for me. :slight_smile:

Would this 6 mo plan work in a Family Plan?

Also, site says you can share data to other lines... anyone know how that works?

Tello's family plan is oddly worded. Example: "You can turn your smartphone into a hotspot with free tethering. Share your data plan balance free of charge with all your other devices or with your friends." Does this mean one can just have others connect or teather to your phone/device and use up or share "your" data from your plan. Apart from being able to view multiple accounts from one email account/dashboard (which you must call CS to create), I don't see what the big deal is.

Since the 6 month plan most likely requires a new email from a new customer, you could probably only add it to the so-called family dashboard by contacting CS after the account is activated.

I agree that the only method of 'sharing' data on a Tello family plan is via the hotspot on one of the lines. Tello has explained previously that the lines are independent, with each plan selected individually, and each line on it's own billing cycle.

The family plan option isn't particularly important to me, but it's something a lot of folks had asked for. It would be a little simpler to manage several lines if I didn't have to log in to each one, so maybe sometime I'll set it up.

Just checked Tello... I guess the double data offer is gone. So just plain old 2GB LTE for anyone activating now.

If I am on Sprint and want to port to Tello, do I need an interim device? In another words, with an active Sprint phone/plan, can I port the same phone into Tello (again, given that the phone is currently active on Sprint).

My current 6 month plan still shows 4GB data allotment as well as my $5 500 mbp plan showing 1GB, so the double data deal appears to be no longer offered to new customers and may end soon, like tomorrow, for existing ones.

I would think you should be able to port from Sprint to Tello with same phone & sim without a problem.

Concerning the double data offering, I just saw this info on the Tello site. So it ended, at least for new customers on May 29th.

Yes, it should be no problem, no need for an interim device. When I did a similar move from one Sprint MVNO to another, the CS rep(s) I worked with called it a "number migration" as opposed to a "port" since my number was already using the Sprint system.

Oh, so cannot do it on the website / have to call CS? If I use an interim device, I can avoid talking to people, right? haha

How can I port in my number?
If you want to port in your number to Tello you need to see in what category you fall:
if you purchased a phone or a CDMA SIM from us, you'll need to email customerservice@tello.com once you receive the package and provide the port in details listed below;
if you bring your own phone and you don't need a CDMA SIM, you'll have to fill in the port in details while going through the bring your own phone process
if your number is SprintĀ® Network* active, the port in is mandatory
if your number is non active on SprintĀ® Network*, you have the option to port in your old number or get a new one from Tello during the bring your own phone process

The port in details you need to provide to our Customer Support team are the following:
Current number
Current provider
Account number from current provider
PIN/Password from current provider
Your address as listed on the phone bill
First name and last name as listed on the phone bill

The port in will take up to 2 working days for regular mobile numbers and up to 5 working days for landline and VOIP numbers."

My previous ports were from FP so that took a long time. I am now porting from Sprint Post-Paid (year free), so that should be immediate and require no CS intervention.

Sorry if my post implied that you need to speak with a CS agent to accomplish this. You should (repeat, should :slight_smile: ) be able to do it all online on the Tello dashboard. I just got CS phone support involved for a little "hand holding" because I wanted to be sure I wouldn't mess anything up doing it myself.

One other thing to consider / remember: Unless they've changed very recently, Tello staff does not do any porting (or, in your case, migrating?) on weekends, so you might not want to initiate your number transfer later than mid-week.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you when you're ready to make the switch! Good luck.