5G For All

Oh my, a socialist 5G network? In the interest of national security, we must keep up with the Joneses, in this case China. It comes as no surprise that big American wireless companies don't cotton to this idea. But how long would it take to actually build if the sloth-like government is involved?

Lots of controversy about all this 5G nonsense.
Those against it compare it to being trapped in a microwave oven with some x-rays added for good measure ??
(Frankly I'd be happy enough with just plain old 2G...but I'm not glued to my phone either...)

I would be happy with 4 or 5 mbps download speeds on my phones. Why anyone would need 500 mbps download speeds on their phone is beyond me. Perhaps 3 and 4 mbp speeds will cost much less when 5G debuts, cough, cough.

Phone service will surely benefit from it, but the country needs ubiquitous data to support IoT, driverless cars etc.

Good point. Phones are low on the totem pole of reasons of why 5G is needed.

Can you imagine the amount of lobbying (pro and con) that'll take place if this is taken seriously?

Thing is, after all these years, we still lack a major carrier network with coverage everywhere.

Indeed, if this administration is serious about this, and is still around for any length of time?, it would at least wake up the the big carriers, and it might even benefit the nations rural and underserved areas that lack proper internet access. But, then, a lot of big ideas are proposed today and are no longer important tomorrow. Yet, a long time ago, it was the US military that was in the vanguard of those realizing the importance of and the adoption of IT when they set up the intranet, etc. And, obviously, we like to spend money on things military.