50 cents every 10 Min

After 6 different experiments I can report that I am averaging 50 cents every 10 min. I swipe two phones at once so it's actually 25 cents every 10 min for each phone. In the 6 different trials, some times it was 2 cents more and some times 2 or so less. But the average was a fairly consistent 50 cents per 10 min (combined on the 2 phones) I would say I had to swipe from 1-3 times to get an ad but the one finger two phones seems to work well. Therefore, if I swipe 1 hour per day, I would end up with 90 gold (90 bucks) a month. And yes, I can do it while watching TV or listening to music with little effort.

How do your efforts match up with mine, better, worse, etc. Oh, and during those 'dry' spells I just don't swipe.

... might be better off getting a part time job.

I agree that a part-time job would pay better. I've failed to find a job that pays me while I'm watching a basketball game on TV, though.

Store cashier? Bartender? Mall security guard?


I got 35-40 cents per phone in the last 10 minutes.

Personally dedicating 1 hour a day, even watching TV, would be to much multitasking for me with regards to CellNUVO. More power to you for having that ability, however I think spending 1 or 2 days a month a few hours each on trials is enough for me to get the value I need in extremely discounted ATT.

Personally - once in a while I stick the old CN phone into a cradle and while doing other things on the bigger screen of my PC, I'll swipe at it with the sound so low that it cannot be heard...

I'll do this ONLY when I'm absolutely dead tired and have NOTHING else that I need to do except maybe some pleasure reading before sleeping.

CN in general has been no sort of thrill or real attraction for me, but over time it has built up a bit & my ultimate goal is to have enough for a Redpocket renewal...only time will tell if that happens though !!

How is everybody doing today? With that little bunny at the corner we should see lots of silvers! but ???