4GLTEWiFi Home Internet

$62 a month for unlimited home Internet on AT&T network. "www.4GLTEWiFi.com"

I haven't heard about this offer before, but it sounds similar to 4GAS, I think it was called, from the past. Not a bad option for rural areas and other who get good AT&T reception. Comes with a plug and play hotspot/router.

Interestingly, this company is located in Lucerne Valley,CA about 50 miles from me, and there ain't much there when you get there. Perhaps low overhead costs explains the relatively inexpensive $62.

If TMobile is an option then High-Speed 5G Home Internet Service Plans | T-Mobile 5G Home Internet would be cheaper per month at $50 and seemingly doesn't have the $199 first month startup cost which could be a dealbreaker for many.

True, T-Mobile home Internet is cheaper, but it's only offered in certain cities. This offer seems to be directed to the ruralist of rural people who live where T-Mobile internet or any other cheap internet isn't offered but does have strong enough AT&T coverage. Yet one should be wary of a little known company. I'll see if I can find reviews of 4GLTEWIFI.

"We are your perfect ISP in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Idaho, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Mexico City International Airport."


Edit: all of 2 reviews



I can offer $50 AT&T unlimited data plan if anyone is interested. It is part of AT&T business plan and I have used for 2 years now. I use a Netgear Nighthawk M1 and get 50Mbps speed with 2 bars. This postpaid plan has higher priority than AT&T prepaid data plan which is no longer available to new subscribers.