4GCommunity Grandfathering?

I would like a second pair of eyes on this. 4GCommunity just released new plans at higher price points but also included this on their plans page Loading...

I would like to make sure this means that my plan price wont change so long as I stay a customer.

I read that, the other day, and agree that that's what it says.

Basically, 4gCommunity has changed the level of service and price of the lower plan. Existing customers can continue with the plans they have, however.

The higher plan has stayed the same and includes 3g, LTE and LTE+ (carrier aggregation).

The lower plan was LTE only.

The new version is now LTE and LTE+, differing from the top plan only in 3g capability.

I have the LTE only plan and am well pleased, but one of my employees has the higher package and gets much more bandwidth.

I generally get 5-16 Mbps (usually 8 ) and he gets 12-30 Mbps (usually 22).

While I'm glad I snagged the cheap package I could have easily rationalized spending the money for the new plan.