3rd party Obi F/W site - Yay!

Finally, someone posted the link to this wonderful site:

Wahoo - this is really good news for all Obi box users as it eliminates the dependence upon Obihai as well as the forced obsolescence when they declare devices to be 'EOL'.
Hopefully this site will stay around a good, long while too.

This part of the verbiage there brought a smile:

It is always so good to see someone telling it like it really is !!!

Thanks --this is wahoo news. I was surprised to see "arrynrob3" as the name of the Obi 200xx download. Is that you "arrynrob" or you sibling or what? Whoever provided this deserves a high five.

Edit: @arrynrob-- Thanks for providing the Obi guinea pig for this wonderful and certain to be famous download named after you.

Mine was back to working directly with Google just outside the refund period for the simonics fix.

Our Obi110 is using Simonics quite happily - and as it is, our Obi200 still works via Obihai - but for how long ??
It is about 100% certain they'll do another round of EOLs for the 2xx models & when that happens this F/W will be a good possibility for us.
Best of all, it directly installs - which makes it just as easy as doing the last F/W on the 110 was.

Those behind it have provided a great tool for Obi users & deserve LOADS of thanks !!!

@ Extraterrestrial_Zoologist "Shortly before Christmas 2017, Google reversed their changes, causing many OBi100/OBi110 ATAs to start working again. However, a user who (constantly) claims to be close to Google staff says this is not permanent." From the "Naf Firmware" site.

"user": I believe that's an allusion to the beloved "Steve from WA".