3G shutdown affects TruPhone

My Truphone sim which uses ATT can no longer place or receive calls. Oddly enough I can still send and receive text and can still use data though. Anyone else having issues with Truphone (using the sim which they no longer sell) ? I'm using it on an old Galaxy 7 Edge.

The symptoms match what happens if you're using a phone not whitelisted for VoLTE by AT&T. Sometimes it happens even if the phone is whitelisted, if the SIM is older & not provisioned for VoLTE.
As a trial (but not a long-term solution), see if you can change settings in your phone to use 3G or 2G/3G, but not LTE. If your area still has 3G service, this might get you voice calls back. (But without other changes, it will fail again when AT&T shuts off 3G in your area.)

I've been wondering what happens to Truphone, and any provider relying on US roaming coverage.....

Don't know what happened to my last post.

Anyway from the howardforums thread several are seeing the sim transition to tmobile. Try taking it out and restarting the phone and putting it back in. The sim doesn't need to be changed to switch to tmo with tru.

Also several have reported that they are stopping top ups. I think they have a problem with their payment system. It might have something to do with having two big investors via investment companies being Russian billionaires. Or not. My stored card topped up fine on one account but on the other I tried to add a new card (stored one had expired)and top up but it won't go through.

Seems like they are in a bit of a mess right now and their prepaid sim business is the last thing they are concerned about.

Those who contacted support eventually were told tha top ups were stopped but credits can be used until they run out. No plans to shut down.

I very seldom use TruPhone since Twigby coverage has gotten so much better & I just have not needed to use it.

Remembering this thread I dug it out & tried making a call....boohoo=>
'emergency calls only'

Tried getting it to register on either of the Truphone network entries & both failed.

Given the info posted here I wonder if that service is now a total loss for voice calls.

OK - found their support # after verifying that my account IS active with a whole $6.03 left in it - called & got a very polite man on the phone.

After trying this, that & the other thing he ran out of suggestions & said he'd make a ticket 'cuz no networks relating with their 'new' carrier of tmobile are reaching my phone so that cannot be chosen.

Truth be told - mostly this came as a surprise since I hadn't even made a test call in months & only did so from seeing this thread.

The man also verified that when that 6.03 gets used up (if ever...) that it will only be useful for incoming calls & SMSs.

All told - I got ~2 years out ot Truphone & have zero gripes about any of this.
At least for now we're doing fine with 99% of our calls/SMSs via Twigby, so unless that goes sour somehow we're in pretty good shape.

That other ~1% is my partner's little use of some TF/AT&T prepaid that we got as a wonderful gift, which works fine for her & she gets around more than I do as well.

I was told this:

"...unfortunately, the top up option is no longer supported as we are now decommissioning our prepaid SIM accounts and anytime soon will be terminated on our system."

So looks like the end is coming.

A shame.
For us & as things stand, AT&T services have become superfluous & AT&T has pretty much priced itself too high to be practical to bother with anymore.

Given how little we are out & about nowadays - until such time as our Obi service quits (2023 ??) we're not using cellular services nearly as much as we did pre-2020.
Perhaps if/when we are forced to use GV via Android our usages will shift a bit, but for now I'll just count on Truphone to die out & not concern myself about it working anymore or not.

I just found this out today. I decided to port my truphone number over to textnow, since the current textnow number is not needed really. I am so glad all of you were aware much earlier though, and I am also glad I found out before it was too late. All I had was $3.53 lol.

Rest in peace truphone, you were an amazing service.

I also hope everyone is doing well, not really on here much anymore.

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