30GB hotspot for $25 per month

I've started looking for a hotspot to replace my home internet. I need fast internet, so unlimited 2G isn't what I'm looking for. Is there another plan any better than this one for around this much data?
Needs to be under $60 or there's no point in switching.

If you're looking for an easy right-out-of-the-box solution, & have good Sprint LTE signal, this seems like a great deal.

Maybe Visible for unlimited data for $40, but hotspot tethering is throttled to 5mbps, very limited BYOD , and I don't think they offer dedicated MiFi units.

1birdman1, I almost didn't comment at all, since advising the 'king of number crunching' on the best deal seems like a risky proposition.......

Haha, thanks KentE!
It was easy to see this was a good deal, I just haven't been following phone deals much since the sad day that Ring+ closed.
I've been with Redpocket and my wife has been with Twigby. We just got her a new galaxy S6 to replace her old galaxy S6 (she really liked the phone). With it being new, it didn't pass Sprints financial test of being on Sprint for 50 days and we had to switch her to Sprint. We got the $25 plan that is just under $30 a month with tax.
That's much more than I'd like to spend, and much more service than she uses. But, happy wife = happy life.
In another month, we'll be past the 50 day rule and we'll drop back down to a cheaper plan that fits her very light usage better.

Thanks for the confirmation that the hotspot deal is as good as I thought it was upon first glance.

Visible removed its 5mbps speed limit recently. They also are offering a $200 credit for a phone purchase of $400 or more.

Both are good deals, depending on Sprint vs Verizon in your location and amount of data needed.

I'll look into my data needs. Something to do over the next few months.

Thanks again

I thought the speed limit now applies to the hotspot only meaning the device itself will have no imposed limits. I have tested that and for the most part does remain true (sometimes the hotspot will deliver more than the 5mbps). I will say the maximums will vary by area. Within my local area, I typically hit 16 - 30 Mbps. While I was out on the Tampa area, I hit 110 Mbps download an 12.2 Mbps upload on an iPhone 6s. To be honest, I was surprised (hence the screenshot).

PS. Screenshot pulled from the app history itself since I would not find the original. If only I could get that type of performance at my location - then my ISP would be out the door for sure.

Tethering will be back to 5Mbps at some point soon if it isn't already on Visible. They don't want you using it for home internet.

Have Visible, can confirm hotspot is still 5Mbps as of August 3, 2019.

Visible hotspot test in Riverview FL. iPhone 6s is the host phone with the Moto being where the test was done.

This confirms my experience that it varies by location it seem and is not always capped at 5mbps.