28.58 Trillion MBs

28.58 Trillion MBs

Give me money-- and data too. Perhaps they're not that different. In any case, consuming data is a defining feature of our times. Let's hope the power grids do not fail us, for if they do, we'll be up the creek without data. Storage batteries and generators might be a good investment for the future.

"If you count to a trillion dollars one by one at a dollar a second, you will need 31,710 years. Our government spends over three billion per day. At that rate, Washington is going through a trillion dollars in a less than one year. . or about 31,708 years faster than you can count all that money!"

After inheriting the Obama economy, what Trump and the GOP are doing to our national debt and to future generations is a disgrace but of course just the usual hypocrisy and lies from them.

Here's some more counting, lies and hypocrisy: