$25 Moto E from visible

I received an email from Visible - for each referral that uses my code (posted in referral thread), that person will get a moto e for $25. Valid until 3/15.

Email from Visible:
Til Monday only, when you invite a friend to Visible using your code 3lmpbq, they'll qualify to get a sweet Moto e for just $25—well, $75 for the phone and then a $50 prepaid Mastercard® virtual account after paying 2 months' service

Nice offer! Good to see Visible encouraging the use of the referral system, since the current pre-applied first month discount kind of makes it irrelevant. (Assuming that hasn't changed....) I wonder if the use of the Moto E referral offer invalidates the first-month discount?

Interesting offer indeed!

I just noticed they have it in their website without the need for a referral. Same terms apply (Transfer a number and pay for two months).

Shame if you ask me, as the referral encourages signups and helps the person referring a bit (I think).